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Maytex is a relatively new company based in Hong Kong, which specializes in the production of Seamless Garments (Clothing). Since the setup of the company in 2011, we have established ourselves as a quality seamless garments manufacturer and exporter of sweaters and fine gauge products for consumers and private label customers.

Seamless garment manufacturing technology reduces the tedious and error prone process of fabric-laying, cutting and sewing. It also reduces material wastage. With our new technology, we simplify sewing processes resulting in a considerable savings in time and effort, quicker turnaround and higher productivity. A seamless garment also offers a positive combination of innovative fashion, technology, wearer comfort and protection at reasonable prices.

Maytex's modern office and a well-established manufacturing plant are located in the same building in Hong Kong. This centralized facility and workforce helps us to produce the best quality products, offer punctual delivery and continually improve technology to satisfy our customers' ever changing needs.

With most manufacturing plants located in China nowadays, Maytex is different in being committed to the Hong Kong community to provide employment for local senior experienced labour as well as talented graduates from technical schools. We train and develop the capabilities of our employees with the goal of building a highly skilled and enthusiastic workforce. We strive for reliability and excellence in production, quality and service.

The company is a vibrant organization and has embarked on an ambitious plan to modernize and upgrade its infrastructure by employing the state-of-the-art SDSĀ®-ONE APEX Design system, computerized knitting machines and fabric cutting equipment from Shima Seiki, one of the world leaders in fashion technology.

The advent of computer aided design and control systems allow knit designers to produce decorated designs, ribbing and complex specifications across the entire garment. Yarn consumption can also be minimized at knitting by means of effectively analyzing and predetermining yarn feed through the computerized system on the Shima Seiko knitting machine. The company is exploring the opportunities seamless knitting has to offer in new products such as nightgown, wedding dress etc.

We can prepare quick samples, from fabric design (patterning), stitching, to boarding of finished garments to satisfy our client's needs through efficient, effective production procedures and continued improved technology.