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SDS®-ONE APEX is an All-in-One design system, featuring everything to create high-quality products with high fashion appeal. With complete support of various stages within the apparel supply chain, the system realizes a more smooth and efficient production workflow.

SDS®-ONE APEX features design and colorway tools, various database and etc. which are specialized in planning and design of apparel products. It also functionsas a full-featured apparel CAD system, with comprehensive patternmaking, grading and marking (PGM) functions.

SDS®-ONE APEX also features 3D simulation to evaluate the product from any angle. Its Super Realistic loop simulation allows quick evaluation and presentation of virtual knitwear before sample-making.

WholeGarment Knitting Machine

MACH2X features 4 needle beds and SHIMA SEIKI's original SlideNeedle. It can knit beautifully shaped, high-quality WHOLEGARMENT products which conform to the body for improved comfort and a more elegant silhouette. MACH2X achieves a maximum knitting speed of 1.6 meters per second. Split Stitch technique also allows efficient knitting by eliminating empty courses. MACH2X 18L is equipped with a large-hook version of the SlideNeedle which is used for knitting 15-gauge fabrics at 18-gauge needle pitch for very high productivity when knitting ultrafine gauge garments. The tighter needle pitch also allows for a tighter fabric especially for ribs, contributing to higher-quality WHOLEGARMENT items.

Electrolux Lagoon™ System

We have installed the only wetcleaning fabric care system approved by Woolmark, the new Electrolux Lagoon™.

The endorsement from Woolmark is a testimonial of an unbeatable combination of expertise in the service of customers for high quality cleaning and fabric care for wool.

Washing MachineW4240H by Electrolux Professional Laundry
Tumble DryerT5350 by Electrolux Professional Laundry